Trial by mortal combat



Since ancient times most mature adults have understood that (the final) decision is achieved by ‘trial by mortal combat,’ meaning that life is a constant struggle with death.*

In other words, decision ≈ ending ≈ stopping ≈ completion ≈ arrival (hence fulfilment) is achieved only by ‘fight to the death,’ (i.e. between two alternatives presenting as differentials) whereby combat/death can be slow (and painful, as in decay ≈ withdrawal to sickness, old age and death) or can happen as a sudden death (which, as Big Bang can be either painful or joyful … for the winner/survivor who starts new life).** 


Trial (i.e. decision, German: Entscheidung, viz. Hilbert’s Entscheidungsproblem) by sudden death (i.e. by accidental stopping, halting, slicing) cannot be predicted (is not computable, so Turing***) for dynamic (i.e. ongoing, i.e. unending relational) systems (and which includes arithmetic or any other language) because it happens as the (absolute, i.e. once off) affect of the random (hence accidental) collision (within a relativity vacuum) of two events/ quanta (@ max. or min. entropy).                             

                                             See my book: He Splits a Random Quantum (1982).


In other words, decision, resulting from trial by mortal (to the death ≈ stop ≈ halt ≈ completion) combat (i.e. collision ≈ contact), happens when momentum (i.e. dynamism, i.e. an ongoing series) stops (or is blocked). Hence all decision/stopping and its effect, namely quantisation, is momentary.**** As moment of absolute realness quantisation happens prior to form, time and space (the latter happening as displays of relationships (or numbers or words beyond 1)).


Hence that ancient Irish wisdom quantum:


“The only thing worth living for is what you’re prepared to die for.”



Or, as Jesus correctly exemplified, “Those who are prepared to self-sacrifice (i.e. die) on a cross of their own choosing enter the kingdom (of a new and happier life).”


*… The truth about (natural, hence divine, so pantheism) decision making is withheld from infants and juveniles for their protection. Protection by means of white (and black) lies/fantasies is traditionally provided by grannies and priests.

**… Trial by mortal combat (i.e. sudden death, as in the Olympics) produces a (happy) winner (to wit, a momentarily ‘fittest’) who starts a new, happier life, i.e. is reborn into a better world.

***… Relatives, i.e. dynamic systems, can’t be decided/stopped/halted. A fixed set of axioms/rules cannot compute an end/stop/decision for a dynamic system. Only random momentary intervention/slicing, ‘a spanner in the works’, can decide an on-going, thus relational system. Such spanners can’t be predicted or computed.

****… 2500 years ago the Buddha claimed that ongoing (i.e. dynamic) systems (arising from ongoing conditions) had no abiding (i.e. ongoing) self (i.e. were undecided hence displayed no abiding essence). He also concluded, but did not state, that sudden death via contact resulted in a momentary, non-identifiable self-as-essence.


The perfect slave is free


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