End of story



Is,1 is GOD.2,3

Is not,4 ain’t.5




More precisely stated: ‘Every this is THAT.’ Or, as the ancient Indians stated it: tat tvam Asi ≈ THAT thou art.6




Is7 is born.8.9




Is dies.10











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1.     Standing for: every quantum of is’ness.

2.     For GOD read: ORDER. In other words, every ‘is’ is GOD/ORDER.

3.     The Biblical intermediate version goes: ‘And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.’ In short, am’nessGOD.

4.     ‘Is not’ (hence without order) is unimaginable, hence unspeakable, unnameable.

5.     i.e. ain’t GOD because not ordered.

6.     ‘Thou art’ is declined as: ‘I am’, ‘Thou art’, ‘He/she is’, ‘We are’, ‘Ye are’, ‘They are’.

7.     Is, i.e. realness, is quantised. (Every) ‘This’ emerges as quantum of identifiable realness.

8.     Birth (i.e. emergence) happens as dynamic response to energy, pressure, heat, indeed constraint. Birth is violent.  That is to say, Order, hence God as any ‘this’, is generated by force, i.e. violence.

9.     The journey, described in the Upanishads, goes from (Vedic) ‘is not’ (Sanskrit: neti neti), thus dualism (Sanskrit; dvaita), the experience of the naïve infant, to (Vedantic) ‘is’ (Sanskrit eti-eti), thus monism (Sanskrit: advaita), the experience of the mature adult. Sadly, Vedantic minded Hindus, like Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, Satya Sai Baba et al, stayed (or chose to stay) trapped in Shankara’s bland, verbose but indecisive scholastic commentaries. Brahmins (all priests) are commentators who lock into the past and enforcers (of sruti), not adjudicators and therefore liberators (as true avatars) to a different future. The Rishis who allegedly invented Veda and the Kastryias who allegedly invented the Upanishads plus a number of heterodox religious systems, like the Scythian Buddha, the Sakyamuni, were liberators precisely because they were not priests. Aurobindo Ghose was a sorry throwback to Veda.

10.     Identifiable realness, that is to say, every differential iteration/application thereof, hence GOD/ORDER, is transient, i.e. transits from entropy, to anti-entropy to entropy, i.e. from dust to dust.