GOD is an inference




When I see smoke I infer1 fire.2,3


My inference is a superimposition.4


The content of my superimposition is a fantasy.5


My fantasy is dependent on my state.6


My fantasy7 serves as Guide & Control device.8




When I see the universe9 I infer GOD.10


What kind11 of GOD12 I infer, hence fantasize, depends on my state.13


Whether or not I infer and come to believe that the Universe is different (or separate) from GOD14 or identical with (or at-one-with) GOD15 are further inferences.16



My God is a personal fantasy17,18









©  2019 by Victor Langheld














1.     The New Oxford Dictionary defines ‘inference’ as: a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning. Making an inference is a defensive tactic. An inference does not constitute valid proof (Sanskrit: pramana).

2.     i.e. indeed that fire created it, i.e. that fire arises from fire, i.e. that it is the smoke’ source or cause.

3.     That inference is only possible if I have actually seen, indeed experienced fire. If I haven’t, then I invent the inference in order to create closure ≈ completeness, i.e. as ‘win’ outcome (non-closure (or openness) ≈ incompleteness operating as ‘lose’ outcome).

4.     Its content, as aggregate of attributes, is a projection of, hence dependent on my state (as selection from my aggregate attributes).

5.     i.e. imaginary, i.e. an ‘as if’ quantum, like the content of a movie or computer game or the toppings of my favourite pizza.

6.     My state, i.e. what I am, emerges from my active attributes, i.e. from what I do.

7.     i.e. my personal inference (as superimposition or projection).

8.     My fantasy protects and guides, i.e. directs me. Consequently it is a political tool. Indeed all fantasies, as personal (and public) fictions, are political. History provides ample worldwide evidence to support the notion that: ‘Religion (like war) is politics by other means.’

9.     The universe, that is to say, all quanta of identifiable realness that I aggregate as the Universe, is itself an inference generated by and simulated in my brain serving as biological navigation device (or Bio-Nav).

10.     i.e. indeed that GOD, as undefined source of the universe, created it. But that can only happen if I have actually seen or experienced or have been imprinted (by a priest) with the notion of GOD.

11.     i.e. which attributes my GOD has.

12.     i.e. as cause, source or origin, i.e. as creative mechanism (or ground).

13.     i.e. my state of knowledge/experience (i.e. background) and/or my development stage, that is to say, whether or not I am an immature infant, a transitional adolescent or a mature adult.

14.     This is the (infantile) henotheist’s stance.

15.     This is the (adult) pantheist’s stance.

16.     Thus Guide & Control (i.e. political) devices.

17.     It becomes (undeniably) real if and when (via concentration, indeed reduction) all other God options are eliminated. Then My God achieves the status of ‘one without a second’ and which is the ancient Indian definition of Brahman = Atman ≈ GOD. That is to say. Brahman = realness (Sanskrit: sat).

18.     No priest or theologian yet as produced evidence proving the existence (as identifiable reality) of the n-versions of My God (entities).