GOD1 is (does) nature (naturing)



For ‘nature’ read: whatever is born (i.e. emerges).


All emergents2 are born from culture.3


Culture emerges from constraint.4


A constraint is an order.5


An identifiable culture6 emerges as a selected limited7 set of constraints.



GOD is the name applied to selective constraining from which all identifiable realities (i.e. the universe) are born.


What is selectively constrained is energy.8


All of nature, from sub-atomic particle to galaxy, including the dung-beetle, the dung9 and all the rest of biological existence are Gods (i.e. natura naturata) because cultured thus ordered by selective constraint.


In short, the culturing (i.e. ordering) process that generates, thus natures, is GOD (i.e. natura naturans).


The process of ordering, hence GOD, is blind, automatic, predatory, violent.10







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1.     For ‘GOD’ read: ordering (i.e. natura naturans). For ‘a God’ read: an order (i.e. natura naturata).

2.     i.e. the whole universe as aggregate of identifiable realities as-am’ness-moments/quanta.

3.     For ‘culture’ read: till, cultivate, that is to say, in an orderly fashion.

4.     For ‘constraint’ read: a block or stop (or slice) resulting from 1 to 1 (whole to whole, quantum to quantum) contact happening at the capacity of c2 (read: c squared). c2 defines a moment or quantum of realness (locally experienced as is’ness or am’ness). 1c2 defines a (any) identifiable realness quantum.

5.     A set or sequence (i.e. string) of constraints functions as a specific rule or law. An ongoing set of rules, thus an energised, therefore dynamic machine subject to thermo-dynamic rules, comes in two variations, namely as limited (because stopped (because it has run out of data/food), blocked (by an alternate machine) or sliced (by an alternate machine), hence decided thus complete, and as unlimited (thus undecided, incomplete), that is to say, as limited (thus local) or as unlimited (thus universal) Turing Machine.

6.     Identifiable by means of its differential attributes. At each stop/block the culture (as Turing Machine) presents a new attribute (or quality).

7.     Thus quantised. A quantum is defined as a (decided thus complete) unit of constrained (thus ordered) energy. A quantum (of identifiable realness) serves as datum, meaning food.

8.     For ‘energy’ read: random momentum.




GOD as dung beetle,

as dung,

as the bacteria in the dung,

as the proteins of the bacteria,

as the atoms of the proteins

and so on and on.



10.          Local culturing (ordering) serves to reduce the unpleasant affects of ordering as such and increase survival capacity, i.e. reverse thermo-dynamic decay (i.e. entropy).