The pantheist’s notion of consciousness



Consciousness1 serves as a self-regulating, here meaning biological unit’s navigation system.2 It functions as a ‘life’ support sub-system, like a leg or a liver, or the auto-pilot of a plane.3



Consciousness emerges as ongoing display of vast data/signal streams accessed externally or internally. These, when transformed into user friendly symbols or icons,4 together serve as universal positioning and (survival) response system.5



Display happens bit by bit, hence quantised.6 Data access too happens quantised.



Consciousness, as continuous data display7 is as it were grounded on the observer generated sense-as-data stream of real, indeed hardware presence.8 Hardware presence, i.e. body feeling, serves as location base. On top of that hardware base the brain projects data that orients, i.e. positions that base.



In short, consciousness serves as a UPS, meaning: Universal Positioning System, hereafter called a Bio-Nav. The Bio-Nav display (i.e. consciousness) represents the relationship9 of the bio-unit to units, both biological and non-biological, that contribute to or threaten the unit’s survival.



A biological unit’s primary orientation (i.e. goal) is (the process of) actual survival, i.e. continuance as such.10 It achieves that goal by acquiring a series of secondary goals.11



Consciousness serves to navigate a bio-unit to acquire the secondary goals12 that make achievement of the primary goal probable.












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1.  The word/noun ‘consciousness’, from the Latin con-scientia, meaning: the coming together of bits/quanta on knowledge/information. The coming together happens as seemingly continuous process. Describing the process with a noun, thus ‘reifying’ it, is mental misdirection that results in a false view.

2.  Consciousness, as continuous modelling of an individual’s world, happens as self-Guide & self-Control, hence auto-pilot function. It consists in a running (thus seemingly ‘live’) real-time mental display, that is to say. as a model of user friendly icons/symbols simulating selected vast, hence user unfriendly streams of system’s status data accessed both internally and externally. In short, consciousness operates like a Sat-Nav (or GPS), formerly like the dashboard info and windscreen view of your car that keep you on the road and surviving. Consciousness (personally) models the (personally, hence selectively acquired state of the) world and then instructs the ‘body’ to mimic the model. The model is continuously updated with new data and thereby reality tested.

3.  Consciousness, mental everyday reality modelling, happens as emergent, as an emerging phenomenon, whereby its sophistication is dependent on the complexity of the bio-unit from which it emerges. No verifiable evidence has yet been provided by either henotheists (for instance, Allah, Ganesh or Krishna Consciousness adepts) or pantheists (spoofing with sat-cit-ananda) that consciousness (i.e. navigation per se) operates independent of an actual self-regulating bio-system. The notion ‘Consciousness (i.e. cit or chit) is Brahman/God’ is a naïve, ancient Indian myth. Likewise the naïve notion that ‘Being (i.e. sat) is Brahman/God.’

4.  i.e. as in a Universal Turing Machine. The machine, as set of rules, serves to compute (indeed per-mutate) an outcome or solution that is then mimicked by the body-as data-transmutation-vehicle.

5.  A bio-unit (for instance a human) is actually (not metaphorically) lost/alone in dark space, like the Jewish ‘Powers’ (i.e. gods), the Elohim, in Chapter 1 of Genesis and the Adam. Blind but self-aware by virtue of self-contact and driven to survive it needs, is driven to position/base and orientated itself. In order to eat (download) and copulate/transmit/off-load. It does that like a blind man by accessing/sensing (and so feeding on) data, bit by bit, i.e. quantum by quantum, transmitted from its surrounding data providers. In short, consciousness first models a base and which the body makes self-real. That base serves as initial ‘position’ from which orientation is generated by means of external data inputs. Alternately put, a bio-system functions like a fish deep down in an ocean. It orients itself via the data accessed with its sensing devices. Its primary goal is to survive and which it does via its secondary goals, namely eating and copulating (meaning transmitting itself as message).

6.  In other words, digitised.

7.  The seeming fact (as reification) that consciousness streams, as do the bits that make up consciousness, without interruption-discontinuance (save when asleep or in a meditative coma), hence in analogue, happens as observer superimposition resulting from the observer’s limited (but expandable) data processing/response capacity. Limitation generates quantisation and which is processed as (hard) fact.

8.  Continuous seeming hardware presence, i.e. uninterrupted (hard) body feeling, elsewhere wrongly interpreted as ‘being’, results/emerges from very rapid (i.e. quicker than the observer can process it consciously) serial contact (i.e. data transaction) whereby each individual contact (between 2 wholes/quanta ≈ c’s ≈ constants) emerges as a c2 moment/quantum of realness.

9.  In primitive bio-systems the relationship is actual, i.e. merely reactive. In more sophisticated bio-systems, such as the human, the relationship can be both actual/hard (i.e. reactive) and virtual/soft (i.e. proactive, as in a dream/fantasy, such as a formal intention).

10.  The survival drive/urge as such, to wit, Schopenhauer’s ‘Will’ (to live), is non-formal, unidentifiable, blind, ruthless (i.e. all ‘nature tooth and nail.’ It activates as basic function (as automatic response) of the Basic Operating System of life/order, elsewhere described with the acronym G.O.D. (i.e. General Ordering Device). Put differently, disorder flows as it were like a river, or emerges after a Big Bang and expands into what appears as empty space, and is ordered, i.e. specifically constrained by a pre-set grid or lattice of rules-as-limitations.

11.  Secondary goals are either actual and formal and therefore capable of producing realness and identity via contact, or virtual, hence as dreams/fantasies yet to be made real.

12.  Secondary goals emerge relative to (i.e. to be related to, accessed by) the (or any) initial state of a bio-unit. Since the bio-unit is dynamic, indeed decaying, acquisition of secondary goals provides the bio-unit with the means of reversing decay, reality testing (and orientation) and generating a new, up-graded order survival capacity end-state (presenting as new initial state or base-as-position).

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