The Pantheist’s heaven



The pantheist enters1 heaven2 if and when, wholly mindful,3 she steps into nature.4 As she does that she communes with the gods5 and cognises that she is one of them.6



The gods are the selected,7,8 hence the winners in the struggle for survival.

The gods present the brilliant and beautiful face of G.O.D.9



When Susan Bloggs takes some quality time out in nature she cognises, indeed experiences that all of nature happens as vast ensemble of the products of G.O.D.10 Indeed that nature represents G.O.D.11 halted at a myriad stages.12 And that therefore nature is G.O.D. (halted).13



Each bit14 of nature15 and nature as a whole16 happens as G.O.D.17 halted at the currently best self-elaboration stage. That means that each bit of nature is perfect (because halted18) and perfect because the best19 G.O.D. could do up to the moment of halting.



For G.O.D. read: the spontaneous process of ordering. That’s the prime miracle of existence.20

For ‘god’ read: an order that emerges at ordering halting.21



From which follows that the pantheist enters heaven by entering the winners’22 enclosure.23 And since the winners23 are beautiful24 to behold and winning is self-signalled with happiness, heaven (i.e. nature) is a very beautiful and happy place.























©  2018 by Victor Langheld










1.  Becomes aware of being in heaven.

2.  1. A happy state of mind resulting from becoming (or imagining oneself as) a winner. 2. The mental space where one communes with all the other winners. 3. Communion with the Holy Trinity (so Pope Francis), to wit, with G.O.D., ITS offspring and the driver of life (i.e. of the ordering impetus). For the pantheist the trinity consists of heaven, as product (or gods) display, hell, as production process (or G.O.D.) and the spirit as impetus or momentum (to wit: spiritus, the breath of life, the atman of the Upanishads) that drives the production process to create communicable products that generate the real world.

3.  With her mental functions wholly (i.e. completely, hence with absolute certainty) focused or concentrated, hence ordered, hence detached from disorder.

4.  For ‘nature’ read: the gods as ensemble of elaborated, hence (super-) order systems.

5.  The gods happen as fractal elaborations of the basic ordering process, i.e., G.O.D. functioning as algorithm.  The process of ordering (i.e. of order production) and of halting the ordering process as order (i.e. as product) is wholly recursive.

6.  Because she happens as (halted) ordering system, hence as an order ( i.e. as a god), she operates at par with all other (halted) ordering systems, i.e. orders = gods. She recognises that she is ‘one of us’ (i.e. of the Elohim = the powers = the gods) so Genesis 2.

7.  i.e. the self-chosen, hence heno-theists because they have chosen their ‘One God’, thus true.  See: Pantheism versus henotheism

8.  Since the ordered system selection process (i.e. G.O.D.) is on-going, the so self-selected appear only momentarily, i.e. digitally.

9.  Each god, as individual order system, functions as it were as a pixel of the whole aggregate of pixels appearing to or being arranged by the observer as ‘face’ or ‘mask’, hence as persona.

10.   For the acronym G.O.D. read: General (or basic) Ordering Device. Since device happens prior to order, hence to the end product, it functions wholly in the dark and hot (tunnel = purgation), as multiple medieval mystics of most religious persuasions have confirmed.

11.   i.e. the super-order (i.e. order elaboration) production process

12.   Each halted stage appears to an alternated halted stage as G.O.D. applied as a niche, hence as a god.

13.   i.e. quantised (made whole and complete), therefore digitised. Here refer back to David Hilbert’s ‘Halting Problem’ and Turing’s solution.

14.   i.e. each quantum of order

15.   i.e. of the whole ensemble of order quanta.

16.   And which includes man made order quanta, i.e. natures, such as Wall Street, a Ferrari, a hamburger, a political system, a child and so on.

17.   For. G.O.D. read: The violent and merciless process of constraining chaos into order, usually called HELL. Mystics of bygone times have stated that heaven is reached only via Hell, that is to say, via the (‘dark tunnel’, experienced as ‘dark night of the soul’) violent and hot operating field (as super-order production facility) of G.O.D. In this regard see: Seeing up the arse of G.O.D.

18.   Consequently ‘done’ as fact.

19.   For ‘best’ read: the most elaborated, i.e. complex and survival efficient.

20.   No one knows how or why original ordering happens. In fact, original ordering, presumably beginning spontaneously, hence as automaton, after the Big Bang, is, so far at least, unthinkable because unpredictable, hence a true miracle. Human (but not natural) elaborated order systems are both thinkable and predictable.

21.   A ‘god’ happens as G.O.D. quantised, because halted, hence complete and so certain.

22.   For ‘winner’ read: the order that has survived the selection process and is, therefore ‘fit’ for continuance, i.e. to continue transmission of its order dependent emerged properties (or characteristics (German: Eigenschaften).

23.   From which the losers. i.e. those who failed to survive and went under (i.e. returned to the production process) experiencing, i.e. self-signalling pain and misery.

24.   The winners are automatons, just like the G.O.D. their production facility.

25.   The winner when viewed with perfect=100%=true concentration appears perfect = true = beautiful.