The pantheist’s purpose



The pantheist’s motto, indeed mantra,1 is, moreover must be, ‘Create or die.’


That’s because she knows, indeed experiences that the whole universe is God-in-the-making.2


And that she, being just one bit3 of the universe, hence one super-niche4 elaboration of God5, is wholly God.6


And that from moment to moment7 God, that is to say she God’s local application, has to create8 in order to stay alive.9


And that since there’s no such thing as a free lunch God, and she as ITS locally manifested niche variation, has to ‘die to create’.10


The smart pantheist, smart because she hurts and which wakes her up11 to her basic creation function, realises that she operates as one (and the whole) creative pathfinding mission.12 Her spiritual,13 meaning life enhancing job is to elaborate her niche and defend it to the death against all comers14 as - in her view – probable15 stepping stone/quantum on the path to increased survival.16


To do her job she needs to elaborate herself beyond the given.17

‘The right Way

Is the untrodden.

It becomes the wrong Way

When you’ve stepped on it.’


Victor 1975


To get there she has to die (to herself18) and kill and feed on all other God manifestations she needs to upgrade and sustain her elaboration.


Being a blind automaton19 set to survive she, as local God clone, elaborates herself step by step along a necessarily unpredictable path to her (and which is God’s) goal.20


If she arrives21 she rewards herself with happiness. If she fails to arrive22 she punishes23 herself with unhappiness.


In short, the smart pantheist understands herself as creation experiment24 designed to reach a random25 outcome that can, because random, strike and become real.26 She, as the blind God’s blind clone, serves as the blind man’s white walking stick that discovers the way home.


And home is if she, the smart pantheist, arrives.







©  2018 by Victor Langheld









1.  A mantra (Sanskrit) serves as verbal goal-as-focus. It is held under the tip of the tongue, hence is always subliminally present.

2.  In other words, creation as it unfolds with ever greater complexity and elaboration and generating, in its most elaborate form (-as-self-transmission), namely the human, ever more sophisticated emergent phenomena, such as, for instance, compassion, love, gratitude and so on, all missing in the original GOD algorithm

3.  Actually a hardware ‘bite’ or quantum.

4.  Each new elaboration, if it survives, functions as a super-niche (or super-culture) until made redundant (or eliminated) by a new super-niche.

5.  The word God here used should be understood as the acronym G.O.D. standing for ‘General Ordering Device’ (or algorithm).

6.  A perfect hence wholly recursive copy (or clone) of the original creation algorithm G.O.D.

7.  Thus quantised, meaning digitised.

8.  Not only to elaborate but also to collide her elaboration with an alternate one in order to produce, i.e. manifest, a moment of absolute realness.

9.  ‘To stay alive’ means: to survive, and which actually means: to generate continuance.

10.   Life is a food chain. The price for continuance and the enjoymnt of life in real time-and-space-and-form, is to eat (and kill) (by an alternate elaboration of G.O.D.) or get eaten.

11.   Watch sports people smacking their faces to achieve increased awareness or alertness and so (speeded up) concentration. This is where the Old Buddha, the Shakyamuni, got it so badly wrong.

12.   The mission, as every pantheist knows, is one way, meaning a suicide mission, hopefully with a happy ending (read: euthanasia).

13.   The word spiritual is derived from the Latin word spiritus, meaning breath, often taken to mean: the life giving breath of G.O.D.

14.   ‘All comers’ happen as alternate G.O.D. elaborations.

15.   Her view is understandable (because necessary) but false. She (as currently one of 7.5 billion other humans) functions as a merely possible survival option.

16.   For ‘survival’ read: continuance (of a quantised string = pathway).

17.   Thereby becoming different and so, as essential random event, carrying instruction and becoming capable of making contact and generating realness and form.

18.   In other words, abandon her previous end state become new initial state.







19.   A blind (i.e. formally unfocussed) set of rules (or G.O.D. algorithm) operating as machine.

20.    Her local goal and which is overall G.O.D.’s goal (or purpose) is function (hence G.O.D’s) completion as real (i.e. hardware) manifestation in real space-time. She operates as G.O.D.’s means.

21.   If she completes her function.

22.   Meaning incompletion or incompleteness.

23.   Reward (the feeling of happiness) and punishment (the feeling of unhappiness) are user friendly (and demanding an immediate response) Guide & Control signals that support self-regulation and self-adaptation.

24.   In fact a trial (by mortal combat) designed by G.O.D. (in fact just simply running the basic G.O.D. self-elaboration and continuance program) to suss out elaborations with higher survival capacity (or fitness).

25.   Meaning: unpredictable, thus surprising.

26.   In other words, produce a 1c2 (more precisely stated a 1q2) moment (as quantum) of absolute (because relativity free) realness (Sanskrit: sat).