Pantheism updated





GOD’s self-completion



GOD achieves completion by self-actualising as the material world.



A selected God achieves completion by self-actualising as a selected material world.




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GOD1,2 achieves completion3 by self-actualising4 as the material world.5,6,7,8





A selected9 God10 achieves completion by self-actualising as a selected material world.11






A (virtual, i.e. could or would be) baker achieves completion by baking (i.e. by running the baking procedure to completion/perfection) an (actual) cake. Idem accountants, bookies, dentists, teachers, pimps Tyrannosaurus Rex and so on.










©  2020 by Victor Langheld








1.      For GOD read: 1st principle, 1st cause; basic procedure (as operating system) and so on. To this day no universally acceptable definition of GOD or the Gods has been established. Whether or not one calls the 1st principle, 1st cause and so on GOD is a personal choice intended to increase personal survival.

2.      GOD, as 1st principle or procedure does not evolve. The Gods, as secondary, thus cultural, because selected procedures, evolve.

3.      i.e. actual (rather than merely virtual, because transcendent) wholeness. Completion here means self-proof.

4.      i.e. ‘doing’, i.e. that proves knowing.

5.      For ‘material world’ read: all identifiable realities, meaning nature as a whole (viz. the saguna Brahman). The saguna Brahman completes the nirguna Brahman. The ancient Indians realised the incompleteness of the nirguna (i.e. the formless) Brahman, indeed of monism. Brihad 1:4:11 states: “Verily, in the beginning this (world) was Brahman, one only. THAT being one, did not flourish.”

6.      Hence each individual bit of the material world/nature emerges as a theophany.

7.      The state of the material world (‘warts and all’) represents the state of GOD’s knowledge.

8.      Since ancient times (read: during human infancy) matter, i.e. the material world, including the ‘flesh’, was denigrated as seat/source (i.e. the ‘warts’) of misery, pain, evil, ungodly and which needed to be eliminated and overcome (so Buddhists, Christians, Jains, Yogis and others). Hatred of ‘the flesh’ (i.e. of matter) was highly selective childish (or naïve) misunderstanding, upheld and fostered by corrupt priests intent on keeping their charges infantile and under control. Matter (discrete definition pending), i.e. the material world, ‘warts and all’, serves as sine qua non of all identifiable realities.

9.      For ‘selected’ read:  cultured or nurtured.

10.     For ‘a selected God’ read: a pseudo-mono-theos, like the Christian God or Lord Krishna. The many cultural (i.e. thus pseudo because selected) Gods emerge as 1st (to nth) practice, 1st (to nth) effects 1st (to nth) procedure application acting as secondary (to nth) principle, cause, procedure and so on. The infantile (indeed sanitised via selection) view of ‘my one God’ is that he/she is omniscient, omnipotent, the creator of all things, infinite, perfect and unique. The adult view is the GOD manifests as the current state of the world and that the current state manifests current omniscience, omnipotence and so on.

11.     For ‘a selected material world’ read: an actual culture. If the natural world acts as natural intelligence then a cultural world (or procedure) acts as artificial intelligence capable of evolving.