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The Pantheist’s understanding of meaning



The pantheist emerges meaning by completing a procedure.


In other words, completing a procedure makes sense, because sensible.


The henotheist emerges meaning by completing a selected procedure.




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The pantheist1 emerges2 meaning3 by completing4 a5 procedure.6


In other words, completing a procedure makes sense, because sensible.7


The henotheist8 emerges meaning by completing a selected9 procedure.




















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1.      The pantheist believes (i.e. infers, possibly deduces, possibly experiences) that ALL (i.e. each and every, thus unselected, identifiable reality) is GOD. Compare ‘unselected’ (i.e. unlimited) with Sanskrit: ananta, ‘identifiable’ with Sanskrit: chit and reality with Sanskrit: sat. In the Upanishads the Brahman was initially defined as sat-chit-ananta.

2.      For ‘emerges’ read alternately: invents, generates, creates, enables and so on.

3.      For ‘meaning’ read: that which makes sense, i.e. an instruction, that which elicits a response. The New Oxford Dictionary defines ‘meaning’ vaguely as: what is meant by a word, text, concept (i.e. datum) or action (i.e. instruction). Recall: ‘The meaning of a message/instruction is the response it elicits.’

4.      For ‘completing’ read: ending, stopping (thus perfecting as a complete fact).

5.      i.e. any (one), hence unselected identifiable reality.

6.      A procedure happens as limited series of constraints (i.e. stops or blocks). The NOD defines ‘procedure’ as: an established (because repeating, my insertion) or official way (i.e. Chinese TAO, my insertion) of doing something.

7.      The sensible (as instruction (hence as energy packet), i.e. strike, i.e. contact) serves as means to survival, hence as survival asset. Completing a procedure generates a sensory datum (i.e. a defined energy packet) to which the response is altered identifiable reality.

8.      The henotheist believes (i.e. infers, deduces, possibly experiences) that SOME (i.e. a particular selection) is God.

9.      i.e. one particular, i.e. selected, identifiable reality.