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Pan-theism versus Heno-theism


Mono-theism versus selected monotheism









1.      Pan means: all, i.e. general, universal, unselected, common to all. To wit, All is GOD.

2.      Heno means: some, i.e. limited, selected (i.e. chosen), common to some. To wit: Some is (my) God.

3.      The New Oxford Dictionary defines henotheism as: adherence to one particular god (i.e. like Jehova, Vishnu, Ganesh) out of several especially by a family, tribe or other group (like a nation, army and so on).






Dualist " Pluralist2



1.      One basic operating system (i.e. creation/emergence platform) that self-differentiates as ALL (i.e. all worlds/emergents as alternative applications of one procedure). Monism emerges as the adult understanding of survival procedure (i.e. rule or algorithm).

2.      Two " n basic operating systems (i.e. creation/emergence platforms) that generate 2 " n emergents. Pluralism " dualism emerge as the infantile " adolescent view of survival procedure.









1.       Belief in One emergence (formerly called creation) procedure common (i.e. basic) to all.

2.       Pantheists believe that their GOD operates as basic emergence procedure identical with its unlimited number of outcomes (or applications). In short, no identifiable realities exist apart from GOD.

3.       Belief in One emergence (formerly called creation) procedure common to some (i.e. to a defined, limited selection).

4.       Some heno-theisms claim that their God operates apart from the emergents that result from the emergence procedure. Others claim their God operates within the emergents of their selected emergence procedure.



The (pan-) Theistís GOD: (the) one procedure1 that enables emergence of all identifiable realities.



The (heno-) Theistís God:2 a (i.e. one) selected procedure that enables the emergence of one selected identifiable reality.



1.      A procedure is here understood as a limited series of discrete (i.e. digitised) momentary constraints (or rules) (hence an algorithm) rather than as the formerly proposed (in the thought experiments of the ancient Indians, Spinoza et al) continuous (hence constant) substance.

2.      For example, the Christian God/Father or God/Spirit/Son, Allah, Vishnu, Ganesh, Ahura Mazda and so on.



A (any)1





1.      Unselected (open)

2.      Selected (closed)








1.      Born, emerging from a (previous) procedure (complex).

2.      An adaptation to the born, i.e. nature tweaked to increase survival capacity.

3.      Example: a sand castle (i.e. heno) built on a sandy (i.e. pan) beach; or; a more attractive haircut.



Basic survival procedure1



Specialist survival procedure2


1.      The basic operating system of emergence of identifiable reality common to all.

2.      A selected, i.e. specialised (thus artificial = cultural) emergence of identifiable reality procedure (i.e. platform) promising increased survival capacity (to some).








1.      Recursive iteration of (hence compliance with) the basic emergence (thus survival) procedure.

2.      Recursive iteration (hence compliance with) a selected (hence specialised) emergence (thus survival) procedure.








1.      Incompletion of the basic procedure

2.      Incompletion of the selected procedure.







1.      The pantheistís GOD (i.e. emergence procedure) happens discontinuously, i.e. it proceeds discretely, i.e. step by step, moment to moment. Her GOD is impermanent, albeit seemingly endlessly recurring. Hence the outcome of both the identity and reality of the pantheistís GOD procedure emerge as discrete, i.e. as digitised or quantised. She believes that only discretely differential is (i.e. realness) moments happen.

2.      The henotheist experiences identity and reality as continuous. He believes in permanent (and infinite) being (i.e. reality), i.e. infinite existence. The henotheistís God is permanent, ubiquitous, infinite.








1.      Autonomous

2.      Heteronomous, i.e. not self.








1.      Self-making

2.      Made by an Ďotherí.







1.      Responds to, i.e. constrains turbulence.

2.      Deliberately constrains turbulence.


GOD1 as general predator2



God as specialist predator3


1.      For GOD (and God) read: the (any, every) procedure that emerges identifiable reality.

2.      The pantheistís identifiable reality emergence procedure, i.e. her GOD, is driven, i.e. powered by energy (i.e. random momentum). Her GOD procedure operates as thermo-dynamic energy packet which, because dissipative, requires re-energising in order to survive. The pantheist predates naturally, meaning non-selectively, one-on-one.

3.      The henotheistís God predates culturally, meaning selectively and/or many-on-one.



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