The standard God model1 of





1.   Order(-ing)God(-ing).2,3,4

2.  Order (≈ God) emerges as quantised ordering5,6

3.  Order(-ing)(≈ God(-ing)) emerges from sequencing.7

4.  Sequencing is quantised.8

5.  Quantum contact creates realness.9

6.  Sequencing emerges identity.10

7.  Sequencing happens as response to momentum.11











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1.     A standard model serves as temporary best understanding frame. When understanding improves the model is updated.

2.     The word ‘God’ is a synonym, indeed a softer and emotionally acceptable, because comforting and consoling euphemism (i.e. created for infants and the naďve) for the stark unappealing because coldly abstract word ‘order’ (acceptable to mature adults).

3.     Formerly imagined as natura naturans, i.e. as the process of birthing or emerging of identifiable realities = all things.

4.     Natura naturans (≈ Order-ing God-ing) when stopped or sliced (as quantum) emerges and presents as natura naturata. In short, natura naturans emerges (i.e. is experienced and made to move by a quantum by quantum processing observer) as moving/changing sequence of natura naturata. Hence the ‘still frame’ and the movie (of ‘still frames’) are identical; or, order is identical with ORDER and god with GOD.

5.     Order (≈ God) emerges as quantised ordering (viz. natura naturata). In other words, an order/God emerges as sliced/stopped process, like the stilled frame of a movie. Hence all ordering and all emerged orders are divine, i.e. godly, that is to say, as God in action or as stilled (= reified), thus defined and complete emergence data.

6.     Natura naturata, i.e. the whole world God, emerges as  W = O(o1,o2,o3,o4,…on)  or G = G(1,2,3,4,…n) and the world in action as the former in action.

7.     GodOrderthe world emerges from the differential sequencing (thus eventing) of random events or quanta. Identifiable realities (natura naturata) emerge (or born) from differential repetition of the differential sequencing of random (i.e. differential) quantised eventing.

8.     Ordering, thus God(-ing), i.e. God, emerges by self-  (or ‘other-as alternative’) elaborating quantum by quantum, step by step, differential sequence iteration by differential sequence iteration.

9.     1 to 1 quantum contact, each 1 presenting @c, produces a c2 (to wit, c squared) moment, hence a quantum of is’ness ≈ realness. In other words, realness happens as quantised emergent  and not as both eastern and western religious beliefs proclaim as continuous presence, hence as (externally existing) substance.

10.     A sequence (i.e. a limited row or ‘string’) defines because it selectively constrains and so differentiates, By so defining it provides identity. Thus does a sequence of random quantum contacts emerge as quantum of identified realness, i.e. as cognizable reality.

11.     i.e. momentum, specifically random momentum is locally defined as energy. In other words, OrderGod emerges (is born) initially as response to momentum/energy (for instance, as triggered by the Big (or any other) Bang). With increasing complexity OrderGod needs to acquire momentum/energy to sustain and increase itself, thus becoming predatory.



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