The Pantheist and his dream machine



The pantheist, more precisely called the ‘omnist’,1 mindful2 of the fact that he (or she) functions as one of n niche applications of one and the same blind, wholly recursive, automatic creation algorithm,3 realises that he is guided and controlled towards his goal by an inbuilt navigation system.4


And his5 basic, non-formal goal is survival.6 And he survives basically7 by surviving in each and every particular formal situation.


The Split Man

@ ‘Victor’s Way’

The split man/woman has not dreamt up a formal goal so his survival is threatened, and which is signalled by his pain.



Since he operates within a formal niche8 his navigation system must needs generate9 a formal route10 to his formal goal that satisfies his formless basic need, namely survival as such.


His navigation system generates a most efficient formal route from vast digital data streams provided by the senses and from memory.11


The formal goal which his navigation system12 computes and then displays in iconic form, and, likewise, the formal route to that goal actually happen inside the navigation system as virtual realities.13 These virtual realities are simulated (software) dreams to be turned into actual (hardware) realities by the hardware carrier of the navigations system.14


In short, the pantheist realises that his navigation system, i.e. his Bio-Nav, is a dream machine that invents simulated realities15 intended if not to upgrade then at least to sustain relative survival capacity.16

In other words, the pantheist understands that he is in fact living a (possible the17) dream. And that his sole job to make his dream come true = real. And, being a pantheist rather than a henotheist,18 he realizes that the dream realization function is fully recursive, meaning that it holds true for all = pan niche applications operating in all = pan situations.


And since the navigation system is blind19 with regard to either true or false data inputs20 it rewards goal achievement, both virtual and actual, true and false with energy release21 and which is signalled as happiness.22







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1.  For the Greek word Pan read: all = (Latin) omni.

2.  For mindful read: the screening of the effect, transformed into user efficient icons, upon the navigation system when flooded with one particular data stream; being conscious or aware.

3.  Hence an automaton (or robot).

4.  In the case of the human (or any other animal or plant) a Biological Navigation System, Bio-Nav for short.

5.  Or her, or its.

6.  It’s because the basic goal (of all living systems as automatons) is not formal, namely survival as such, that it can be attained by means of any formal goal. In other words, formal goals merely serve as transient hardware transmission and boosting stations for a formless impetus (or a momentum) seeking continuance. For instance, the purpose of an actual, formal game is to win (or improve one’s health, or make friends and so on). Winning itself is formless and can be achieved by any formal game. The formal game merely serves as hardware means (i.e. as a dream made real = true) to the soft outcome of winning, and which pays off in happiness.

7.  Meaning: overall, i.e. ‘as such’

8.  Hence within a set of (formal) conditions (or constraints, = rules or laws), and therefore as a niche, i.e. as a form in personal real-time.

9.  That is to say, compute and so predict a best possible outcome.

10.   The formal route consist of a series icons, actually dream images, generated inside the brain as a provisional map, hence as a simulation of the actual route to be taken in order to arrive. The point of arrival (i.e. the goal) is the one calculated to provide a relative survival capacity increase.

11.   And updated millions of times per second and so continuously reality tested. Reality is always provided by the next (random) contact and which creates a moment of absolute realness = truth.

12.   Operating as blind auto-pilot.

13.   That is to say, as dream images.

14.   In other words, the human body serves as means of making a soft dream become a hard, therefore true reality.

15.   In other words, fantasies, fictions, imaginary worlds.

16.   Since the body is directed by its navigation system and which generates merely virtual, hence dream maps of both internal and external systems statuses, the body actually lives out, realizes the dream.

17.   It is THE dream if it produces a significant relative survival capacity increase, and the ecstatic happiness/joy/bliss that signals achievement of the latter.

18.   See: Pantheism versus henotheism

19.   Meaning: non-judgemental, i.e. blind as the Goddess Justitia.

20.   In fact it cannot but adjudge all 1st data inputs as true until proven false (i.e. reality tested) by subsequent ones. It is because of this that the navigation system can be tricked into computing as true what is in fact false simply by flooding it with false data or by cutting it off from true data or by deliberately altering its data processing and verification/falsification routines. This is why movies, indeed all forms of entertainment (as in the Roman Gladiator Games), are so exhilarating for they transport the observer into a delightful or horrifying fantasy world initially accepted as true and therefore real and thereby resetting the body’s responses to act out the intended delight or horror.

21.   The energy release, as local or whole body surge, happens when energy invested in problem solving is set free upon resolution of the problem. The sudden energy surge is most often experienced as enlightenment.

22.   And which is why smart (aging) pantheists, like myself, will enter and live in a high energy, high personal reward dream bubble, hence in a personal fantasy, and hope he bubble doesn’t burst before doesn’t burst before life does and the horror and pain of terminal decline to decrepitude sets in.







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