Pantheism fundamentals







The pantheist believes that:



Being ≈ a series1 of is2 moments.3
















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1.     For ‘series’ read: a seeming continuum falsely generated by an observer. Being is quantised (or digitised), i.e. a discretely discontinuous string of isness (i.e. 1c2), hence absolute realness moments or quanta. The is (or realness) moments happen faster than the observer can track them. Hence they appear to, i.e. are experienced by the observer as an unbroken continuum, i.e. as ever present and ubiquitous, hence falsely believed to be eternal/infinite The ancients wrongly believed that being existed of and by itself, that is to say, as a substance (so Spinoza, the Vedantins et al). Likewise the other false observation, namely that consciousness (i.e. as ensemble of knowledge, i.e. order quanta) is eternal, infinite. In ancient India being and consciousness were (falsely) deemed to be (the substance of) GOD/Brahman.

2.     An is moment (i.e. quantum or unit) happens if and when 2 order quanta collide (@c) in a relativity vacuum, thereby producing a 1c2 moment.

3.     For ‘moment’ read: (a complete) quantum, bit, unit, whole and so on. The inferred incomplete ‘is not’, i.e. is not real, and therefore can’t be registered.