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Pantheist definitions


This pantheist believes that:


GOD1,2 The3 procedure4 that enables order (events) to emerge.


Order A limited5 repeating6 series of quantised random7 events.8,9




Thus: Every quantum of order10 GOD.11,12























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1.     The word/noun ‘GOD’ serves as name or tag (i.e. as verbal icon) for the source/cause of creation, creation happening as all identifiable realities. Pantheism attempts to define the creation procedure rather than just elaborate the ‘GOD’ notion with a string of non-defined qualities such as omniscience, omnipotence, infinite and so on. Note that in pantheism the epithet ‘GOD’, because a procedure or function, serves as verb.

2.     The pantheist substitutes ‘nature’ or ‘All that (i.e. whatever) is born/emerged as identifiable reality’ for ‘God.’ Hence the notion (and word) ‘Naturalism’ (or natural theology) can be substituted for the notion of ‘Pantheism’.

3.     i.e. a, any, every, all (Greek: pan) emerge as recursive, dynamic limited (thus quantised) applications of the basic or initial unlimited ordering procedure (i.e. ‘GOD’) and which, as procedure, does not emerge. All emerged procedures (thus ‘gods’), as identifiable objects (as reified or stilled, because completed, thus quantised or unitised = natura naturata, so Spinoza) procedures, hence serving as attributes, happen as variations (read: fractal elaborations), thus alternatives, of one original procedure (operating as basic operating system), that is to say, as natura naturans.

4.     or algorithm. A procedure operates as a limited series or set of repeatedly accessed random events/quanta that serve as constraints (or rules). Quantisation (i.e. completion by means of limitation) decides the series as a sequence, hence as an identifiable quantum of order.

5.     i.e. ended, cut, sliced, finite, therefore quantised as a whole unit (German: Ganzheit). Hence does the world (universe or cosmos) emerge as an endless array of finite (i.e. quantised) identifiable realities,

6.     For ‘repeating’ understand: (discontinuously) re-activated by quantised random momenta = (i.e. bits or quanta of) energy. In short, the order generating procedure (i.e. ‘GOD’ and its variation, i.e. the gods) responds (or reacts) to a surge of (or disturbance by) random momentum, i.e. energy bits. In simple terms, the initial ‘GOD’ procedure and every subsequent recursive ‘god’ quantum-as-dynamic-procedure is activated by movement, such as happened, for instance, after the Big Bang. But for the Big Bang no identifiable reality would have emerged.

7.     For ‘random’ read: different. To wit: ‘Only difference makes a difference’. A unit/quantum of difference is signified by the numeral 1. Same (signified by the 0) events cannot be identified (cannot touch or be contacted) and so do not emerge (or are compressed out).

8.     ‘Only random events/quanta can instruct/strike/contact/touch’ and so make real. Each strike (i.e. contact, touch) generates/enables a 1c2 quantum of realness moment. In short, realness happens as a momentary thus quantised affect. The ancient view (as, for instance, in Advaita Vedanta) that reality (wrongly described as ‘being’) is infinite, eternal, omnipresent and so on is false. Idem consciousness, bliss and so on.

9.     Only repetition of an activated series, now a recurring sequence (thus a quantised order), can emerge (or generate) bits of identifiable realness.

10.      i.e. every identifiable bit of instruction (i.e. as a god) happens as a recursive GOD procedure.

11.      i.e. a GOD app.  = natura naturata.

12.      In other words, contrary to the traditional theist view that there is difference between God and the world, i.e. that God transcends the world as supernatural entity, the pantheist believes that there is no fundamental difference between GOD (i.e. as ordering procedure) and the world, i.e. nature (i.e. as the totality of completed ordering procedure).



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