Pantheism fundamentals








This pantheist believes that:



Th word ‘good’ is the name1 given to a contact2 the increases survival3 capacity.4,5


The word ‘bad’ is the name given to a contact that decreases survival capacity.











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1.     i.e. tag, symbol, sign or icon.

2.     i.e. simple (i.e. that makes real and adds energy) or complex (that adds identity components).

3.     i.e. continuance.

4.     i.e. (a, any and every) ‘good’ contact serves as survival asset.

5.     A quantum of contact (as momentarily ended thus quantised identifiable ordering procedure (as whole network, i.e. world or universe)) is deemed ‘good’ by a responder (or observer) depending on the state (i.e. as on-going dynamic network of contacts) of the responder). To wit, ‘the meaning of a message is the response it produces.’ Since the responder’s state (thus identity) changes with every contact, so does the response. The responses of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are contingent upon the responder’s state, therefore subjective.