Pantheism fundamentals





Pantheist worship



This pantheist believes that:


Ordering is worship.1,2,3

















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1.     A completed (hence quantised) order (i.e. a god) ‘worships’ by differentially iterating (i.e. copying) the basic (or common-to-all) ordering procedure, i.e. named either GOD or naturing.

2.     Pantheists, thus monists, being gods (i.e. limited quantised order series, to wit, the natured) don’t actually worship GOD ≈ Nature (i.e. unlimited quantised ordering) since, being identical with GOD ≈ naturing, they have no difference-as-primary-focus for worship. In everyday life some pantheists (i.e. the gods-as-nature-quanta) may worship, i.e. (seek to) emulate/copy the natural ‘better’, i.e. or ‘survival fitter’, in order to upgrade their order thereby to increase survival capacity (i.e. survivability ≈ continuance).

3.     The incomplete (dualists-to-polyists), i.e. all dependents, such as infants, juveniles and the aged, and which includes pseudo-monists (or mono-(i.e. heno-) theists, like Jews and Shakara invented advaita Vedantists) worship (i.e. adore, pray to, sing Hallelujahs to, burn incense for and so on) a selected ‘different’ (imagined as super-natural ‘other’, i.e. a chosen God) that promises completion, thus ‘cool’ sameness (i.e. identity) and which releases from the stress/pain/heat of incompleteness.