Essays on

Radical Pantheism





The Pantheist’s anarchy


The Upanishad pantheist


The Pantheist’s job


Pantheism & the dynamics of identifiable realness




Moksha, mukti (Freedom, release)


Moksha (Mukti) continued


The Self and its selfies


Pantheism as metatheism


Jina Upanishad


Upanishad creation theories


Why man needs to invent God


The essence of the selfie


‘The Lila of Maya’


Why man needs to invent God


‘The Lila of Maya’




Karma ≈ act ≈ instruction


The pantheist’s ‘all’


The myth of  ‘universal being’


The pantheist’s notion of consciousness


The pantheist’s fantasy world



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The experience of  the ONENESS of ‘the ALL’


Worship & the pantheist


The pantheist ‘brahmacharin


Pan’theus ≈ the common


The pantheist’s basic function


‘Deus ex machina


Eco vs. pan


The logic of predation


G.o.d.’s health warning


The pantheist saint


The basic function of a life




Updating the GOD model


God and the gods


Featureless GOD


The function of a unit of life


Revisiting the notion of the purpose of (a and every) life


The Pantheist Manifesto


   No god(s) but GOD


GOD as football


The pantheist’s ethos


The Victor’s Way Pantheon


Identity, sameness, non-difference






GOD is an inference


TAT tvam asi (advanced)


GOD is (does) nature (naturing)


Dualism as red herring


The pseudo pantheism of Vedanta


The pantheist’s self-experience


Blissing out


The honeymoon experience



Tantric consummation


Consummation is the goal (purpose)


Order measures all things


The pantheist’s GOD notion revisited


Pantheist versus henotheist beliefs


The pantheist’s trinity


God versions



Pantheist salvation